As I discussed in last post KWallet have offered a great way for Ubuntu users to remember all passwords of their applications which require the authorization. You can retrieve your passwords from the encrypted file via KWallet Manager application normally launched when KDE starts. You can manage that unless you forget your master password. But what should you do if you have forgotten the master password? That is also the topic I want to share today.

You will see an error dialog in the case you send a wrong master password to KWallet Manager.

It's impossible to view your passwords of other applications if you don't know what is your master password. Other words you can't login into the KWallet Manager to manage your wallets. To solve this problem you have to remove the configuration file stored in the application folder. But normally I prefer renaming the file name. For example, the following commands are done with vntutor user.

cd /home/vntutor/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/
mv kdewallet.kwl kdewallet.kwl.bk
A new configuration file named kdewallet.kwl will be created at the next time when you restart KDE. Please share with everybody here if you know a better way.


  1. Miguel Mujica B. // 7/17/08, 7:49 AM  

    Gracias. Excelente respuesta.

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