A logo is just a graphical element, a symbol, or sign. However, it plays an important role in the development of your business because it can help you form a trademark for your company. If you are a blogger or a webmaster, do you need a logo for your blog or your website? I think there is no reason to say NO if you also need to make a good trademark. Today I will show you how to make a professional and eye-catching logo at a leading online provider of logo design.

Now you go to the logo design website and click on "Try it Free" to make a new logo.

Step 1: First, choose your image
Images are grouped into three different groups (High-Tech, Bold, Flair). It depends on the objective, experiment, size and status of your company you can determine which group is the best one. However, if you can't select a final decision the Image Calculator can help you to determine whether your look should be High-Tech, Bold, or Flair by answering some questions.
In this tutorial, the first group is selected for VnTutor.

Step 2: Choose your industry category

Because my blog is a technical blog which provides Free Tips about Ubuntu Linux, I have selected "Computer + Internet" industry in the following table.

Step 3: Select a symbol you like
For example, I have selected one globe symbol to show on my logo.

Step 4: Enter a name and a short description for your logo

I have entered "VnTutor" into the first line in the input box located at the top-right conner. Then "Ubuntu Tips" is filled with another font into the second line of the input box. Now, I have obtained a result like this.

Step 5: Move elements to make a nice layout

Just click on the graphical items (e.g. your symbol, your name, or your description) to move to a proper positions to make a good layout. The remanding work is to customize your logo such as shape, color, and size. For example, look at my logo with strong colors in the following picture.

Now, click "Next" button to see your logo put in the different layout of business cards.

You can select any business card to see.

If you want to make a separate logo, just press "PrtSc" button to capture the current screen and use any graphics editor to cut your logo. However, if you need vector images in the high resolution you can pay for logo design company to get it easily.