Nowadays most of computer applications require an authorization before using (e.g. kopete, kmail, ..). It means that you have to remember many different passwords if you want to keep a high safe mode for both your personal information and your computer system. To manage all of them is not easy but to write them down is not secure. So what is a good solution for Ubuntu users in this case?

KDE users are offered an application named KWallet, which is used as the default
in Kubuntu to securely store passwords. By using this tool all your passwords are stored in a strongly encrypted file which is accessible by all your applications. However, to manage this file you have to define a master password which is required at the first time when you start up this tool. The master password is also used to encrypt all of the information stored inside the wallet. Therefore you don't need to remember all your passwords except the master one. Another benefit which is offered from this tool is that you can save time for entering user names and password every time you start up your applications.

All wallets are managed by kwalletmanager. This program keeps various wallets for any kind of data. You can operate with defined wallets via this program. Currently I'm using this tool to remember for my applications in Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. How about you?


  1. Anonymous // 1/18/08, 11:57 PM  

    I'd much rather use KeePass/KeePassX for the ability to use it across different platforms as well as be able to run it from a USB stick.

  2. Ubuntu For Free // 1/25/08, 6:27 PM  

    Whoah! Thanks for the tip on KeePassX. I was looking for something I could run from a USB drive and that was platform independant. I wonder if there's a way to import kwalletmanager's data?