These days Ubuntu users are being offered various CD/DVD burners. In order words, to make a data CD is not a difficult work under Ubuntu. You can follow a short tutorial from Ubuntu Geek to know how to burn a CD by using GnomeBaker. WikiHow also has a post on this topic. In addition, I will provide another tutorial for burning a CD in Kubuntu Gutsy.

K3b is a default application in Kubuntu Gutsy. It allows you to burn CDs or DVDs with a comfortable user interface. To know more details of useful features please read at K3d websites. Now I will show you step-by-step to make a data CD by using this software.

Step 1: Start up the application
KMenu > Multimedia > K3D CD & DVD Burning
Step 2: Select your data which you want to write to CD
For example, I stored a photo album of my Barcelona trip last month in a folder. Now, I want to make a copy of all pictures. So I have to browse to that folder and press "Ctrl + A" to select all. Then drag and drop all selected files to the panel at the bottom. Put a name for my album (CD label). I have got a ready status for burning as the following picture.

Step 3: Open Burn dialog
You click "Burn" button (CD icon) to open a Burn dialog as the follows

Step 4: Insert a bank CD to CD/DVD drive
After the bank CD is put in
CD/DVD drive, the "Burn" dialog will automatically be changed

Step 5: Set up parameters for burning CD
You can change some default parameters for burning your CD. For example, I have changed the speed of burning (speed = 24x).

Step 6: Burning CD
Click on "Burn" button to start burning your data ....
Just wait for some minutes you will have a new data CD. This is also a good manner to backup your data to external storages.