As other versions of Ubuntu Linux, Gutsy Gibbon doesn't provide Flash Plug-in for Firefox. You can check this problem easily by opening any Web pages consisting a Flash. You don't surprise because that is a non-free plug-in. That is the reason why I want to tell you how to install this plug-in from a non-free resource.

  • Step 1: Add this line to your source.list
deb gutsy free non-free
  • Step 2: Update your package database
sudo apt-get update
  • Step 3: Search Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
apt-cache search flashplugin-nonfree
If it is found in the result, you move to next step to install it.

  • Step 4: Install flashplugin-nonfree package
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
Some new related packages are also installed to your Ubuntu system. But now you can play Flash in your Firefox.


  1. Anonymous // 12/11/07, 2:20 AM  

    But it just tells you to download the Flash plugin when you visit a page that requires it...

  2. clawfire // 12/14/07, 10:00 AM  

    no if you "just download the flash plugin when you visit a page" you download a corrupt md5 version. Adobe has changed the release of flash and the md5 has not change correctly so your browser think you had download and install it correctly but no ^^. So i post the correct debian package (pick on official forum). url : http:

  3. Anonymous // 12/1/08, 12:40 AM  

    Another reason why users do not bother with acts like a bitch over the simplest things. Take a hint from Windows and Mac - make the simple shit..simple.

  4. JonB // 4/11/09, 1:21 AM  

    Both operating systems have their pros & cons however Linux does not charge you crazy amounts of money for its cons. What Linux does is require is that you learn more about your computer. Learning liberates.