Amarok supports playing audio streams in MP3 and Ogg well. As the default you can see several radio streams of different stations under the Playlists browser. You can also add radio streams by right-clicking on the Radio Streams folder in the Playlists browser or the Add button at the top of the pane and adding the name and URL of the stream. For example, I want to add a new stream of BBC live news

Double click on "BBC News" to add this stream to the playing list. Now we can hear "BBC Live News" streaming.

You can enjoy with this list.

Radio 1
Radio 2
Radio 3
Radio 4 FM
Radio 4 LW
Radio 5 Live
Radio 6 Music
Radio 7

You can also use Amarok to manage your podcasts. To add a new podcast to Playlists, just right click on the Podcasts folder or the Add button, and select Podcast. Then, you enter the podcast that you like.


  1. Mark Brad // 11/7/07, 8:20 PM  

    Thanks for the tip. I'm listening to Radio 1. Only problem is that the stream 'finishes' after 1.5 mins every time. Any ideas why?!

  2. VnTutor // 11/8/07, 12:57 AM  

    You are right! But I don't know why it stops playing like that. :)