As you know, is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite. It is a free office suite in Ubuntu 7.10 with several improved features. Last month, I had to show you more than 80 free tutorials for creating and using documents, databases, spreadsheets, and presentations in Today, I would like to tell with you what I have done to fix a bug in this office suite. Now let's go!

Applications > Office > Word Processor > Insert > Special Character

My God! What happen? Look at this screenshot

My 2.3 is crashing in Gutsy Gibbon. Look around and discover that this problem is somehow related to two packages ( and

The problem have been solved after I removed these packages.

sudo aptitude remove


  1. Miguel Sánchez // 1/24/08, 5:24 PM  

    Certainly, my OO 2.3 Gutsy stock is crashing like crazy while I'm using impress to prepare a presentation that includes some photos.

    If I were not using OO for a long time I would never consider this software as usable.

    I'm going to try your fix to see what happens.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Miguel Sánchez // 1/25/08, 10:58 AM  

    Ok, the fix worked, no more crashes but ... dialogs now go full screen and do not look good.

    I hope they'll fix the problem soon. I'm going to check launchpad.