In last post, you knew how to assign a sound file to login event in Ubuntu Linux. But the problem is that Ubuntu only allows the sound file in WAV format. So, what is the solution in the case you want to play an audio file which is available in other formats like MP3. A proper way to solve this problem is that you need a tool which allows you to change from current format saying MP3 to WAV one. So, what is the needed tool to do that? It is Sox which is maybe available in your Ubuntu Linux.

SoX is a command line program that can convert most popular audio files to most other popular audio file formats. It can optionally change the audio sample data type and apply one or more sound effects to the file during this translation. Now, you follow the following steps to know how it works.

Step 1: Download the startup file of Mac named macstartup.mp3 to your desktop

cd Desktop

Step 2: Convert from MP3 to WAV

sox macstartup.mp3 macstartup.wav

Step 3: check it by playing the file

play macstartup.mp3
play macstartup.wav

Have a nice weekend!