Try a funny game from Linux Journal. You see and match the search terms on the left with the top search query location on the right. The results obtained form Google Trends over a period of time that runs from the end of 2003 to the present will surprise you because this tells you "Where Wants What".

1. gnome A. Prague, Czech Republic
2. kde B. Pune, India
3. linux C. Oslo, Norway
4. shell D. Athens, Greece
5. hat E. Washington, DC
6. hacker F. Honolulu, Hawaii
7. laptop G. Tokyo, Japan
8. widget H. Rancho Santa Margarita, Califonia
9.driver I. San Francisco, California
10. emacs J. Stanford, California
11. vi K. Jakarta, Indonesia
12. weenie L. Austin, Texas
13. redhat M. Lima, Peru
14. oracle N. London, United Kingdom
15. asterisk O. Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
16. internet P. Kyoto, Japan
17. net Q. Bangalore, India
18. majordomo R. Bogotá, Colombia
19. maddog S. Ljubljana, Slovenia
20. vulnerability T. Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlight the below lines to see answers
1C 2A 3Q 4L 5T 6M 7N 8I 9K 10P 110 12H 13G 14B 15D 16R 17S 18J 19F 20E