Most of my readers like small tips which are not difficult to carry out but must be useful. That is the reason why VnTutor usually provides simple posts such as tweak performance, howto, ..

This post is very useful for Ubuntu Linux users who like using commands. As you know, it is very simple to take a screenshot of the entire screen by hitting button Print Screen. Besides, to capture part of screen and save it as an image file we can use Ksnapshot in KDE or Take screenshot in Gnome. But if you are standing in a terminal and you want send a part of the current screen to an image editor like GIMP to compose, how can you do that by using a simple command like cap? And this is what I have done.

1. Backup file .bashrc in your home directory
cp .bashrc .bashrc_bk

2. Create an alias named cap in .bashrc to link to command import and send image to Gimp to compose then
echo "alias cap='cd Desktop/ && import myscreen.bmp && gimp ./myscreen.bmp && rm ./myscreen.bmp' " >> .bashrc

3. Close your terminal and open again

4. Try it by entering cap

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  1. kv // 6/22/07, 12:38 PM  

    great to find out about the import command! :)