So far, I have provided different methods to write to NTFS partition in Ubuntu and to read Linux partitions from Windows. Now is the suitable time to know how to write to Linux partition from Windows.
First of all, I would like to thank Stephan Schreiber who has designed and implemented Ext2 Installable File System software. This freeware application provides Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 with full access to Linux Ext2 volumes ( both read and write access). This may be useful if you have installed both Windows and Linux as a dual boot environment on your computer. Now, I will show you how to install this driver. Once this driver is installed on Windows, you can easily mount a Linux partition on your computer into Windows and assign a drive letter to it.

  • Download Ext2EFS
  • Double click on file Ext2IFS_1_10c.exe to setup the driver
  • Click "Next" on the welcome screen, check on square "I agree" and click "Next" twice
  • Name for your Linux volume, click "Next" twice again and click "Finish" finally
On my laptop, I have mounted Ubuntu Linux partition as a drive G.

In Windows, you open My computer and can easily see a drive G there. That is a mounted point to Linux partition.

This is the result which shows the Ubuntu file system on my XP operating system.
Now, all files in the Linux partition can be browsed, read and written to. Why don't you try it? It is free.