As you know, using hotkeys in Ubuntu saved more time for you. Today, I will share some other useful hotkeys which I often use daily in Firefox browser. If you have not yet install this browser, you can click on button "Get Firefox with Google toolbar" at the left side to setup freely. Hotkeys listed out below may be applied for Firefox running on Windows and Linux.

  1. ctrl+t : create a new tab
  2. ctrl+r or f5: reload page or refresh page
  3. ctrl+k : activate search field of Google toolbar
  4. ctrl+l : activate address bar
  5. ctrl+pgup : go to next tab (left to right)
  6. ctrl+pgdn : go back previous tab (right to left)
  7. ctrl+u : view page source (HTML codes)
  8. ctrl+f: fine a keyword on the current page
  9. ctrl+g: find again
If you know other hotkeys in Firefox, please update to this list please. Thank you!


  1. Anonymous // 6/1/07, 9:05 AM  


    *Alt+ left arrow / right arrow to go back or forward between pages.
    *Alt+d to focus address bar.
    *Ctrl+z to close tab
    *Ctrl+Shift+z to reopen closed tab.

  2. kv // 6/18/07, 12:59 PM  

    /to do inline search
    useful when searching a link on the page (press enter to follow the link)

  3. pratyk // 6/20/07, 9:35 AM  

    ctrl + E : highlight search box ..

  4. Billy // 8/22/07, 4:51 AM  

    Thanks, everyone!!