What is Lyx?

LyX is an excellent tool for writing scientific papers. LyX is an almost-WYSIWYG editor which serves as a front-end for LaTeX. Like any word processor, you don't need to worry about how to format and style your documents when using LyX.
LyX is stable and fully featured. It is a multi-platform, fully internationalized application running natively on Unix/Linux and the Macintosh and modern Windows platforms.

How to install Lyx?

LyX is available for free from www.lyx.org. Although originally wirtten for Unix-like platforms (such as Linux), it is available for a number of platforms including IBM OS/2, Macintosh OSX, and Windows. The LyX download page contains links to information about installation on various platforms.

For Ubuntu users, it is easy to install this tool with the following command.

sudo aptitude install lyx