In this lesson, you learn about how to install the Ubuntu Linux step-by-step from LiveCD.

Lesson 4: What Ubuntu Linux can do
Lesson 6: Virtual Desktops


  1. Rancy // 11/26/07, 9:31 PM  

    I have no audio when I try to view this video. What's wrong?

  2. Rancy // 11/26/07, 9:32 PM  

    I need help with audio. I am running Gutsy.

  3. VnTutor // 11/26/07, 11:58 PM  

    I have written a post already. You have to install some extra libraries.

  4. plantman // 12/3/07, 3:56 AM  

    I have found an answer to this: . Installed the fix and now I have audio!