If you are a newbie in Linux, I think that this book is useful for you at the beginning. First, I need to know what is Ubuntu and how to use it. Then, I play around with some basic applications offered as default applications in Ubuntu such as Openoffice.org (a full office suite to create your documentation like MS Office in Windows), Evolution (to manage your E-Mail and calendars like MS Outlook), GAIM (to chat with your friends on MSN, AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo ), GIMP (to create graphics like Adobe Photoshop), Firefox (a nice web browser like IE), CUPS (a common Unix printing system to manage your print jobs), SAMBA (for interoperability), Rhythmbox (a music management application like Media Player), and a lot of funny games. It is enough for now.

Thanks for your reading!

Ubuntu is one of top 20 products of the year!