Do you know that we have two modes to interact with the Operating System like Ubuntu? In the old days, CLIs (Command Line Interfaces) was only used to work on a Unix computer. Nowadays, we have GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) in addition to Linux machines. GUIs make OS more user-friendly while CLIs help us work more effectively. So, please read these tips to know what is user-friendly vs control and options.
  • Using GUIs is easier but using CLIs is faster.
  • GUI consumes too much CPU and memory.
  • CLI is generally easier unless you can remember the commands and the options.
  • The Linux CLI is so much more powerful than the old DOS CLI.
The real determining factor in choosing interfaces is how they meet your requirements. GUIs are helpful for many tasks, but they are not good for all tasks. Therefore, I like both GUIs and CLIs. Linux is freedom. Yeah!