is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite. It is a free office suite. A new version OpenOffice 2.3 is officially released today (September 17th, 2007) for Linux fans. OpenOffice 2.3 boasts of some improved features, that include the following:

  • New chart wizard, with support for 3D Charts
  • Revamped Toolbars
  • Export documents as Wiki pages on OpenOffice 2.3 Writer
  • Enhanced Autosum on OpenOffice 2.3 Calc
  • Report Builder on OpenOffice 2.3 Base
It can be downloaded from various official Open Office mirror sites. You can download it right now from this mirror. Then, you select “″ as the distribution, your platform and language. The following picture is my case.

Click on "Go" button to start downloading (136.6 MB).
The new release contains hundreds of bugfixes and enhancements. You can read more notes here to know what is new in this version. Try it while it's hot.


  1. Karl L. Gechlik // 9/17/07, 4:48 PM  

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up guys! You got friends over @!

  2. BillyG // 9/18/07, 1:12 AM  

    unfortunately, the digg post says it is released to (as in December)

  3. rph2go // 9/18/07, 2:19 AM  

    Not just for Linux-- Windows has been supported for years.

  4. Andrew Z // 3/9/08, 2:28 AM  

    You should not provide this kind of download link to a mirror because of traffic and because of link stability. You should only provide download links like these