Lesson 1: GIMP Basics

Lesson 2:
Selective Decolorization

Lesson 3: Make a thumping picture in GIMP

Lesson 4: Render Images in GIMP

Lesson 5: Make a Superkaramba (A-foto) decoration

Lesson 6: How to make a banner

Lesson 7: Alter an image

Lesson 8: Lightning

Lesson 9: Retouching a Photo

Lesson 10: The User Interface

Read more here:
- GIMP Tutorials online


  1. Wei-Yee Chan // 8/4/07, 8:31 AM  

    Thanks for the videos.  I'm certain that they'll prove to be very useful for beginners, so I've linked them to my weblog.


  2. Sharon Pickering // 8/4/07, 12:09 PM  

    Thanks so much for these tutorials. I struggle trying to learn all the features of GIMP, and have only scratched the surface. I added your link to my help blog for bloggers. This should help many of my readers!

  3. Jimmy Ruska // 8/4/07, 7:03 PM  

    I made one too on the golden ratio and changing the sex of a person


  4. Anonymous // 8/12/07, 4:25 AM  

    These tutorials are not exactly for beginners. I suggest that the yser interface tutorial be the first, not the last. Thanks, though, and keep up the good work. Any chance of a blender tutorial sometime soon? :)

  5. Anonymous // 10/15/07, 12:01 AM  

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  6. Anonymous // 7/22/08, 8:39 PM  

    Thank you. I am just learning Gimp and these will be very helpful. I would like to see them in a larger screen version as I could tell what was being selected.

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  16. Huey // 5/25/10, 6:23 PM  

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